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Welcome to the Neighbourhood plan, here you’ll find the latest news on the Little Hadham neighbourhood plan.


Why A Plan

“A good Neighbourhood Plan can be a foundation for a genuine village wide dialogue about the nature of the village and give people a real chance to have their say about their community.” – Mark Prisk MP

Find out why we need a plan here

Neighbourhood Plan Vision

By 2031, the parish of Little Hadham will still be a rural haven, rich in biodiversity and heritage assets, within easy commuting distance to London and Cambridge rail services, Bishop’s Stortford and Stansted Airport.

The by-pass will have been built, which along with other traffic calming measures, will result in;

            – increased tranquillity, cleaner air and a flood risk free area in the environs of the A120;

            – the built up environment around the Ash will be more attractive and safer for all users;

            – pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders will connect safely and easily between the   hamlets using the quiet rural roads.

New housing will have come forward in the parish that meets local needs and is necessary to sustain a mixed and balanced community. All development will have come forward in a sustainable way, reflecting the existing settlement pattern and contributing positively to the rural character of the parish.

Find out more about the consultation that helped form the vision

Call for sites

Over development is a real risk to Little Hadham and the way to protect ourselves is for the Neighbourhood Plan to allocate sites, of appropriate scale and design, chosen by the community.
To do this we are now conducting a Call For Sites.

Pros and Cons of Allocating Sites in the Neighbourhood Plan:

If we do not allocate sites and East Herts Council cannot show a five year pipeline of new housing they can impose targets on Little Hadham for new homes and there will be nothing we can do about it. They will decide how many are required and also potentially where these new homes will be built.

If we take the initiative ourselves and do allocate sites now, via the Neighbourhood Plan, then East Herts can only impose targets on us in the event that they cannot show a three year pipeline of new housing. Plus we will already have outlined where we believe new housing could be built with minimum impact to the village and this will be taken into account.

We have debated this difference long and hard and have concluded that in order to protect Little Hadham it is important that the Neighbourhood Plan allocates sites and the Call for Sites is the first step.

Please send details if you know of or own a plot of land that could be suitable for one or more new homes in Little Hadham. They will be independently assessed and some sites will be put forward and will become part of Little Hadham’s development planning policy via the Neighbourhood Plan.

If you want a site to be considered please send as full details as possible to by Friday 14th July 2017.

Affected by aircraft noise?

It is really important to register when planes impact us in Little Hadham as the information is recorded and could make a difference to future flight paths. So if you have noticed aircraft noise getting louder, planes flying lower or more frequent planes flying overhead, please take a minute to register a complaint.

How?  It only takes a couple of minutes to fill in the form at

Parish Gallery

As part of our Character Assessment we’ve taken many photographs of the area. All of which can be found in the photo gallery